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Parmigiano Reggiano aged 30 months

21.901 Kg

Our 30-month Parmigiano Reggiano is perfect for those who love to taste cheeses, as it has almost reached its best structure and has practically developed all its precious characteristics. At this age you will find a tasty and intense flavour, and the scent of fresh milk begins to give way to hints of hay, grass and yogurt. Its distinctly crumbly texture makes it perfect for grating and becoming a tasty filling for fresh pasta, erbazzone (a traditional pie), lasagne and other typical Reggio dishes.

Organoleptic Characteristics  

  • Intense and slightly sweet flavour, with hints of yogurt.
  • Herbaceous aromas (hay and grass) stand out on the nose.
  • Brittle, dry and grainy consistency.

Try it paired with an aromatic honey, accompanied with a structure red wine, such as Barbera d’Asti, Rosso di Montepulciano or Morellino.


30-month Parmigiano Reggiano has almost reached its ideal age, developing many of the nuances and hints that we do not find in previous ages. Here, in fact, the aromas of fresh milk begin to fade, leaving space for more developed and complex aromas. Parmigiano Reggiano aged over 30 months is rich in properties, developed thanks to the long resting time: it is a good protein source and has interesting quantities of minerals and vitamins. Its characteristics make it perfect for everyone, from children to pregnant women, from athletes to people with a lactose intolerance. The price of our 30-month Parmigiano Reggiano is €20.90 per kg, one of the best on the market!


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parmigiano reggiano stagionato 30 mesi

Parmigiano Reggiano aged 30 months

21.901 Kg

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