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Parmesan Cheese Direct Sale

Our fine Parmesan Cheese is also available for direct sale at our dairy, in our shop.

Different ages of Parmesan Cheese await you, from 12 months (the youngest) to 100 months (the most refined), each with unique characteristics and dedicated pairings. By purchasing directly from our shop, you can also pair our Parmesan Cheese with other products, such as artisan cured meats or “aceto riserva” vinegar. At our Dairy you can also book a visit to the production and aging rooms, to see even more closely and learn more about the King of cheeses. You can reach our shop dedicated to the direct sale of Parmesan Cheese by bus (Bagno - Ex Socama stop) or by car. You can find us in Via Federico Garcia Lorca 18 (Reggio Emilia), 10 km from Reggio Emilia and 16 km from Modena. Large car park available.

Direct sale of Parmesan Cheese in Reggio Emilia

Our Parmesan Cheese shop is perfect for those who want to discover more closely all that this cheese embodies. By coming to visit us in our dedicated space, we will be able to give you all the answers you need and tell you all about the production of Parmesan Cheese. You can also visit our dairy and taste the products.


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