• nocino artigianale caseificio san simone

    Artisanal Nocino

    Nocino is a product that exploits a natural resource of the Apennine area. The ancient recipes, once jealously guarded by every family, are never completely equal in the proportion of hulls and quantity of alcohol, in the addition of water and sugar, in the type of natural aromas included in the infusion and remained a heritage for centuries of cultural tradition. In recent decades, nocino has come out of the home and has become an increasingly popular product in Italy and abroad. Infusion of walnut husk.


    INGREDIENTS: Hydrated alcohol, sugar, infusion of walnut husk, cinnamon, coffee, cloves, lemon peel. Alc. 30% vol.


    Artisanal Nocino

  • grappa di lambrusco caseificio san simone

    Grappa di Lambrusco

    Grappa di Lambrusco is a distillate obtained from a selection of Lambrusco single-variety grape pomace. Soft and delicate in flavour with a pronounced aroma that recalls the fruit of origin. Excellent sipped at the end of a meal or at any time of the day.

  • grappa di spergola caseificio san simone

    Grappa di Spergola

    White, soft grappa. Transparent and brilliant white. Initially penetrating and intense olfactory notes, which then leave space for a floral note. The taste is soft, fruity, with hints of almond and spices.


    Bottle size: 0.7 l


    Alcohol: 43%

  • lambrusco reggiano abboccato caseificio san simone

    Lambrusco Reggiano DOC Abboccato

    Deep ruby red with violet reflections and creamy purple foam. Vinous, floral notes of violet, forest fruits, black cherries and almonds. Soft on the palate, supported by good tannins that close with a slightly persistent fruity finish.


    Bottle size: 0.75 l


    Alcohol: 9.5%


    Pairings: Squash tortelli with sautéed onions, lasagne with mushroom ragout and rabbit roulade.


    Contains SULPHITES

  • lambrusco reggiano dolce caseificio san simone

    Lambrusco Reggiano DOC Dolce – Sweet

    Deep ruby red with violet reflections and creamy purple foam. Intense fruity aroma of sweet cherries. Full wine, velvety, pleasantly sweet and supported by an excellent freshness.


    Bottle size: 0.75 l


    Alcohol: 5.5%


    Pairings: It goes well with all dry pastries and leavened desserts such as donuts.


    Contains SULPHITES

  • lambrusco reggiano secco caseificio san simone

    Lambrusco Reggiano DOC Secco – Dry

    Intense ruby red with violet reflections and a creamy purple foam. Vinous hints on a fruity background of forest fruits and black cherry together with violets and almonds. Rich on the palate in which the tannic component prevails which balances well with the moderate acidity. Long and lasting finish of dark fruit.


    Bottle size: 0.75 l


    Alcohol: 11.5%


    Pairings: Pasta dishes based on stuffed egg pasta, such as green tortelli or cappellacci with meat. Excellent with roast beef and stewed cockerel.


    Contains SULPHITES

  • nocino delle streghe caseificio san simone

    Nocino “Delle Streghe” – “Witches’”

    To obtain the Nocino, the still unripe walnuts, soft and rich in oils and vitamins, are harvested by hand in the shortest night of the year. The infusion, obtained by adding the “husks” of the walnuts cut into 4 parts to the best alcohol, must then be left to macerate for 11-12 months. Then proceeds the pressing and a further resting period. The addition of a sugar mixture and natural flavours finishes the preparation. Excellent as a digestive at the end of a meal, it can be used to dress desserts and ice cream.

  • spergolino doc caseificio san simone

    Spergola sparkling DOC “Spergolino”

    Sparkling dry white wine. 0,75 l – 11% Vol. Contains SULPHITES   This wine is obtained from the vinification of the white “Spergola” grape, a native vine of the small production area of the Scandiano hills, present in the area since 1400. It is a wine with a strong personality and typicality linked to the land from which it comes, with intense aromas which are accentuated in the aftertaste: these characteristics are still today almost intact from their distant origins. Straw yellow in colour, it is a fresh wine with a refined and persistent floral scent which, thanks to its vivacity, can accompany all dishes.   Serving temperature: 6-8 ° C.


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